Why is the project called GOZO?
The Gozo project sees itself as an island in the plastic sea. The name also represents a major concern of Gozo, namely the disposal of plastic waste also on islands and in geographically remote regions.

Who is helped by GOZO? 
GOZO reduces the risk of uncontrolled disposal of plastic waste. GOZO is a simple solution to clean up and use public, industrial and private plastic waste on site. GOZO protects the most vulnerable groups of people and works at low investment and operating costs. 

How high is the energy expenditure for energy recovery? 
Current use for the process is approximately 30% – 40% of the input energy value. Thermal energy for gasification is at 400 ° Celsius. The rest is available for reuse. The energy efficiency shall be significantly increased by the further permanent development to an estimated 25% of its the own use, by using a continuous process. 

What remains after the energy production (oil) of residual waste? 
Residues such as copper, sheet steel and others remain. Depending on the recycled raw materials, a “cocktail” of nobler metals forms, which we cannot reclaim further at this moment. Also, it contains a small volume of waste from paint residue. 

Where can GOZO be used? 
GOZO can be transported to almost any place on earth and put into operation just a few steps after unloading from the truck. 

Airports and Hospitals 
The end product oil from collected plastic at airports or mixed waste from hospitals (syringes, aqueous solutions, etc.) that needs disintegration because of disease risk can be easily transported in barrels and used for firing in more distant industrial plants. 

NGOs and Aid Organizations 
The plastic of protective suits, etc. after a pandemic or Ebola fight can be disposed of correctly. 

Refugee Camps 
The fuel recovered from the management of refugee camps, e.g., Greek islands, Kenya, etc. is useful in diesel generators for power generation. 

Industrial Plants 
Plastics from industrial production worldwide is put to use. Villages and Cities 
Collected plastic waste from municipalities can be disposed and used for operating simple agricultural machines or generators. 

Onshore / Offshore 
Organizations cleaning beaches, rivers and landscapes, or an NGO take a GOZO container along and continuously processes the plastic waste. A GOZO container travels on a ship along the coast. The collected plastic waste is converted to fuel on board for easy onward transportation or local use. 


GOZO can be implemented in existing disposal concepts and extends the existing value chain of recycled goods.

The future in dealing with plastics means first avoiding the use of plastics. GOZO believes that plastic waste that has accumulated over the years in landfills, from industrial plants, hospitals or communities can be recycled and reused correctly. 


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