The History

The project started in Japan based on a genuine idea of one of our initiators and with the support of a professor from the Tokyo Institute of Technology who have an intense history behind them. 

  • 2013 idea and partner search 
  • 2014 company foundation and planning of the compact test machine (batch process) 
  • 2015 Construction of a test plant in China and installation of the plant in Japan. 
  • 2015/16 Testing the device under real conditions with many different secondary substances. 
  • Prototype of the compact and mobile pyrolysis plant in the field of practical testing 
  • 2016-present 
    Based on the results and findings, the machine efficiency increases further increased towards a continuous process. 
  • New partnership for further applied development with FHNW and HEIG 
  • 2018 Resource Planning with FHNW and HEIG 
  • 2019 Start Crowd Funding – Target CHF 80,000.–
  • Looking for the industrial partner who doubles the CHF 80,000 to CHF 160,000 
  • Start of development 
  • Conversion of the process to a continuous operation to improve the efficiency of the machine 
  • Increase application efficiency with applied science universities 
  • Within 6-9 months, GOZO is looking for a 2nd industrial partner to take over the remaining financing. 
  • Market it 
  • 2020 – The first 3 GOZO containers are ready for the journey into the world. 

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