The problem and its solution

The problem and its solution

Today, plastic waste ends up along the road and in illegal deposits worldwide. They cause diseases and ruin the environment.

  • Industrial plants, hospitals, and airports have to store large quantities of plastic waste somewhere or transport them over long distances to avoid uncontrolled disposal. 
  • Plastic debris from the ocean is often washed ashore, where NGOs partly collect it. 
  • World relief operations involve large amounts of plastic waste that are in need of disposal. 

  • GOZO is a simple solution to clean up and use public, industrial and private plastic waste on site. 
  • GOZO reduces the risk of uncontrolled disposal of plastic waste. 
  • GOZO protects the most vulnerable groups of people and works at low investment and operating costs. 
  • GOZO can be transported to almost any place on earth and put into operation just a few steps after unloading from the truck. 
  • GOZO kann an fast jeden Ort dieser Erde transportiert werden und gleich nach dem Entladen vom LKW mit wenigen Schritten in Betrieb genommen werden.

What Does GOZO Need Now?

GOZO is in need of a partner to finance the final development phase. The prototype of the compact and mobile pyrolysis plant has already passed functional testing successfully. Now GOZO should gain marketability through improvements. The goal is to further develop the GOZO machine from the batch process to continuous operation to increase the economic efficiency of the machine. At the end of 2020, the first 3 GOZO containers should be ready for travel around the world.

The History