Creating energy from plastic-waste
Mobile, fast, simple and safe
Plastic-waste is energy
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At first glance, GOZO is merely a standard 20ft green colored shipping container. Hidden inside is something that can change the world or at least make a significant contribution to the survival of all our planet. A robust mechanical pyrolysis plant turns uncleaned plastic waste into reusable energy. 

In other words, there will finally be a simple solution to the removal of public, industrial and private plastic waste. On-site, worldwide and even with a concrete benefit, this form of recycling leads to a new fuel. 

The problem and Its Solution

Today, plastic waste ends up along the road and in illegal deposits worldwide. They cause diseases and ruin the environment.

The Process and the Treasure Box

GOZO processes almost everything. The plastic waste needs no actual pre-sorting, no shredding, and no pre-cleaning.

The Container Goes on a Journey 

The GOZO container, “plastic eater,” is brought by truck or ship to its place of use. GOZO is sturdy and used to any travel. The container shelter protects GOZO from storm and dust. 

The Container Reaches Its Destination

GOZO always wants to go wherever there is plastic waste stored or collected, for example, a village in Africa or Asia or where plastic waste from industry is in need of disposal locally, such as industries, hospitals, and airports. 

GOZO Starts at Work 

After unloading the GOZO container, for which has minimal space requirement and hardly any preparatory work is necessary, GOZO goes into operation. 

GOZO needs little electrical energy. A solar panel is enough. GOZO is self-sufficient. A small amount of roughly purified water is sufficient for cooling. 

The water collects in a rain basin. GOZO trains people on site to operate the system. The GOZO app supports the control, monitoring, and maintenance of the system. GOZO is digitally connected to GOZO in Switzerland to provide support at all times. 

What Does GOZO Need Now?

GOZO is in need of a partner to finance the final development phase. The prototype of the compact and mobile pyrolysis plant has already passed functional testing successfully. Now GOZO should gain marketability through improvements. The goal is to further develop the GOZO machine from the batch process to continuous operation to increase the economic efficiency of the machine. At the end of 2020, the first 3 GOZO containers should be ready for travel around the world.


GOZO Geschichte


Why is the project called GOZO? 
The GOZO project sees itself as an island in the plastic sea. The name also represents a significant concern of GOZO, namely the disposal of plastic waste on islands and in geographically remote regions



What is the source of energy recovery? 
The source is oil and a large fraction of diesel fuel. “Broad” means that the fuel used for all kind of equipment and engines such as electric generators, agricultural vehicles, trucks. etc. 

Wo kommt GOZ zum Einsatz? GOZO kann an fast jeden Ort dieser Erde transportiert werden und gleich nach dem Entladen vom LKW mit wenigen Schritten in Betrieb genommen werden.